Friday, September 13, 2013

Food Cart tour in Portland

On Friday before the ROAM conference, I took a 90 minute walking tour to check out the food cart scene in downtown Portland. It's no wonder the fast-food-chain joints have abandoned downtown. If you could walk outside for lunch and choose between something of the McD's ilk, versus homemade meals-to-go from all corners of the world, and spend the same money, what would you do?

During the tour I got to sample some (portabella and pork) dumplings from Dump Truck, some Carolina BBQ (with black-eyed peas and slaw) from A Little Bit of Smoke, some Belgian Waffles (with caramelized sugar) from Gaufre Gourmet, and some superb grilled pizza from Pulehu Pizza.

I had some seriously good eats, and not enough time to see it all! If you're in Portland, give yourself as many opportunities to check out the cart scene.

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