Monday, September 30, 2013

Do you know your customer's mobile number? You should.

Do you have customers who love you? Have you collected their mobile number? Well, you should. Using text messaging as a marketing channel can be very effective. If you gently give these customers some VIP treatment, they will reward you with sales.

Here's how to do it: SendTree can provide you with a local phone number -- it's yours to keep. You publicize this number and have people text 'JOIN' to this number to opt-in. You can also use space on the receipt to tell them how to join, or ask them at the register. An incentive like a discount or a giveaway will also help you build your list quickly.

Once you've built up your list of recipients, SendTree lets you compose a message and send it to everyone who has joined your list. That's it! (You can even schedule messages to be delivered later.)

Want to try it out? SendTree offers a 30 day trial at no cost. We'll give you a real number, so if you keep SendTree beyond the trial period, you do not have to switch numbers. Your customers will still get text messages from the same number.  Try it out »

Learn more: Download our "SendTree 101" guide to discover lots examples of how SendTree can be used.

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