Monday, December 30, 2013

Bands: How to Use SendTree

Your fans are holding up cell phones (not lighters) at concerts. With SendTree your messages appear directly on your fans' mobile devices. 

Musicians! Bands! And instrumentalists! You all thrive off your fans and they can’t wait for your next show. Keep in touch with them so they never miss a beat. New releases, appearances, contests — you can create a SendTree list for any need to reach any fan within seconds. Fans simply text “JOIN” to your SendTree list phone number to stay up to date on all your musical endeavours.   

Your Key Audiences

A major component of any performers' success comes down to staying connected to your fan base. With SendTree you can communicate directly with the people who support your music in the space they frequent most - their mobile phones. SendTree makes it easier to do all of the following: 
  • Alert fans of where and when to buy music 
  • Notify fans of times and dates for upcoming concerts 
  • Updating staff on tour with logistical information

Help Them to Sign Up

While making great music is your first priority, the next step in your musical career comes down to getting fans to come to concerts and buy some of your music! Mobile marketing is the most immediate way to bridge the communication gap between you and your fan base. To speed this process along you'll want to get fans to join your mobile messaging list by texting "JOIN" to your personal SendTree number. Here are just a few ways you can encourage fans to sign up:  
  • Give your fans some love. Share special, SendTree-only content such as updates from the road or excerpts from new songs.
  • Give a SendTree shout-out during a concert by telling fans they can sign up to receive texts from the band.
  • When fans purchase tickets to a show, include an opt-in number that is specific to their location so they can stay updated while you’re in town. 

Marketing is a huge part of the music industry. Keep fans informed of performances and exclusive merchandise with SendTree! 

Drum up some noise about your music with SendTree's help. Sign up for one free month here>> Get more people to your concerts and sell more music by making it easier for fans to find you! The trick to being heard is to meet your audience on the devices they check most. Today, it’s no secret that device is in the hands of your fans - their mobile phones.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Food Trucks: How to Use SendTree

Oh food truck, how we love you. You are already about as mobile as it gets. Match your messages to your wheels and get into the heads and stomachs of your followers. SendTree can be your mobile marketing experience that works on your budget, on your time and for your customer’s preferred delivery methods. We help you blend social and mobile in a way you’ve never experienced.

Your Key Audience  

Who is your audience? Anyone within a 50-mile radius and taste buds no doubt! But if you're trying to reach customers via mobile messaging you'll want to be a bit more specific than that. Here are just a few suggestions of customers you should be trying to connect with: 
  • Preferred customers
  • Location-specific customers 
  • Customers who want to know when specific menu items are available 
  • Food-connoisseurs with certain dietary restrictions or food allergies  

With SendTree customers will immediately know where your truck is parked at day or night!  

Help Them to Sign Up

Tell them where you’re going to be so they can make tracks to your truck. Make a separate SendTree list with fun tips like how to recreate your food sensations at home. Give your exclusive SendTree audience special offers just for signing up. You have so much power with SendTree!
  • Slap a QR code on your truck so smartphone users can easily scan and sign up for your SendTree list(s).
  • Create a preferred customer program that gives VIP customers access to special deals shared via a VIP SendTree list.
  • Set up a SendTree list for each location/neighborhood your truck frequents, and then post the opt-in numbers for each location on your truck. These neighborhood-specific opt-in messages feel personal and prevent message overload.
  • Create a general SendTree list that sends information that is relevant to all your customers, no matter the location. Update them with new menu items and specials. Post the opt-in number on your truck so it is always visible and easy to see. 

The New Year is almost here! This year make it your business's mission to reach customers in the most convenient and efficient way possible - with mobile communication. Create an account and start your free 30 day trial here>> 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Did You Forget Your Password?

If you've forgotten your SendTree password these instructions will allow you to create a new one in a flash! 

Forgot Your Password? 

  1. Click here to be redirected to the password reset page, or start from SendTree's sign in page and click the forgot password? link.  
  2. Enter the email you use to sign in to your SendTree account and click send recovery email
  3. Check your email for instructions for resetting your password. You'll have two reset options:
    • Option 1: Copy and paste the URL into your browser and enter your new password. Then select Set password.
    • Option 2: Copy and paste the reset confirmation code into the URL provided and click confirm reset code. Enter your new password, then select Set password.
  4. After a moment you'll receive a reset confirmation message. Then you'll be redirected to your account page and you can continue work from there! 

Ta-da! You’ve successfully reset your password! Now you can start connecting with all the important people in your recipient list with important updates, news, and reminders!     

Friday, December 20, 2013

New Trend for Political Activism

SMS = Short Messaging Service

During the 2012 election politicians were using social media as a new way to reach potential voters. Facebook and Twitter were the most popular social media platforms, take for example Obama’s 20+million Twitter followers. With SendTree your campaign can stay ahead of the curve with the next big trend in social media, mobile messaging.

A recent Qualcomm Mobile Technology survey reported that 29% of Americans said their wireless device is always the first and last thing they look at every day. With more than 1 in 4 people checking their cell phones regularly, mobile devises have become a part of peoples’ daily routines. In addition to routine checks, a Pew Internet Survey found that 81% of cell phone owners reported using their mobile devices for sending and receiving text messages. 

This data clearly indicates that your audience is primarily using their cell phones to send and receive text messages. Take advantage of this trend with SendTree's short message service (sms) to mobilize your next campaign. This year be the front runner and stay connected to your audience by meeting them in the spaces they frequent most – their cell phones. Read over the SendTree 101 Guide to learn how to start your mobile marketing campaign today. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Politicians: How to Use SendTree

Let's say you’re pulling in your team and you need to help your staff organize their volunteers and work collectively toward your election goal. With SendTree, you can create an account and have multiple SendTree lists—a list for volunteers working on events, a list for volunteers working on media, a list for your supporters to follow your every thought.

Your Key Audiences:

Each tree can be specific to your need and communicate timely messages for your key audiences via text, email, social media or voice message. (Wouldn’t you love to get a “personal” call from your favorite political candidate?) SendTree takes your messages to the right level at the right time you need action. 

  • Volunteers: The valuable folks who offer up their free time for you. 
  • Supporters: When you hold your next public event, these people are always there waving a banner or wearing a button. 
  • Staff: They’re your A-Team, the go-to group for your campaign.

Keep supporters, staff, and volunteers informed! 

Help Them Sign Up:

  • On a volunteer registration form that already asks for a cell phone number, give volunteers the choice to "opt out" of receiving SendTree messages. Add all those who don’t opt out to the appropriate SendTree list.
  • On your website, include the SendTree button alongside your other social channel icons.
  • Make your marketing-focused SendTree phone number public, giving supporters and volunteers a consistent, direct way to receive messages from you.

With SendTree you'll always be able to communicate immediately with the folks on your contact list. Use this opportune campaign strategy to stay connected to your audience. Enjoy a free 30 day trial period when you sign up today >>   

Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Schedule a Message

This convenient scheduling feature allows you to create a message now and have it sent later. By setting a specific delivery date and time, you can be sure your audience receives messages when they are most likely to be read. Just follow these simple steps to schedule your next mobile message.

Scheduling Your Next Message 

  1. Sign in to your SendTree account here
  2. Select Send a Message in the right hand corner of the page. 
  3. Write your message, then select More options...
  4. Next, check the box beside Send a message later. Now you'll be able to manipulate the time settings. Set the specific date and time you want your message sent.
    Make sure you select the box beside "Send message later" or you won't be able to edit the date or time.
  5. To complete scheduling your message, click the blue Send Message button. Now your message will be delivered based on the date and time you chose. 

Benefits of Scheduling Messages 

For some of you there’s a very specific window of time certain messages need to reach the people on your recipient list. Or maybe you’re just the organized-type-A-personality that needs to schedule messages now and move on to more important things. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider scheduling messages:
  • Timing Matters: There’s an early bird special, and you need a message sent out before those peek breakfast hours hit. 
  • Prioritize your Time: You need several messages to go out in one day and can’t be chained to your computer.
  • Regular Reminders: Your need reminders to be sent out while you’re setting up for an event or practice.   
  • Time Zone Difference: For when your messages need to reach folks in a different time zone.
When you schedule reminders before an event or set-up notifications during the most opportune times, you keep the people that matter the most to your organization informed in the spaces they regularly check - their cell phones. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Change Your SendTree Password

Your SendTree password is the password you use to sign in to your SendTree account. To keep your account secure, we recommend using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Your new password must be at least 8 characters.

Resetting your password

  1. Sign in to your SendTree account here
  2. Select the down arrow beside the "My account" button. Scroll down and click Change password.

  3. Type your old password, type your new password, and then select Change Password.
Once submitted a message will appear notifying you that your new password has been accepted. Now you can start signing in to SendTree with your new password. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Retail Stores: How to Use SendTree

Send news straight to your customers' phones!
At SendTree we know running a business is more than a 9-to-5 job; it’s a lifestyle. You’ve got the goods people want, but now you need a savvy-inexpensive-way to drum up some business. 

To keep customers in the loop on great deals you’ll want to stay connected and develop some regular rapport. The best way to do this is with SendTree’s mobile messaging service. Just encourage customers to text “JOIN” to your personal SendTree number to receive regular updates and notifications about your floor-sales, discounts, and special events.

Your key audiences: 

Thshop-a-holic, fashionistaimpulse shopper, and last-minute-gift-giver, they’re the people who matter the most to your business. But you don’t have to stop there. Here are a few more suggestions to increase your recipient list: 

  • Club Members or “Preferred Customers"
  • Customers in the check-out lane
  • Employees

Cell phones have become a part of your customers' daily life. For this reason consumers have come to expect immediacy in their shopping experience. With SendTree you can be sure your messages are showing up in the spaces your customers are checking most: their mobile phones. Check out this list of suggestions to help get your SendTree phone number into the hands of your customers.       

Help them to sign up:

  • List SendTree information on the back of sales receipts telling customers to sign up to receive information about store promotions, sales and new arrivals.
  • During checkout, ask customers if they would like to receive 15 percent off their next purchase for joining SendTree.
  • Create exclusive in-store or online events and offers such as after-hours preview parties or meet-and-greets with special guests only for SendTree participants to encourage users not to opt out.

Stay connected to customers with SendTree! 

Your customers see hundreds of advertisements everyday, so how can you make sure you’re staying connected with your audience? The trick to being heard has always been to meet the audience in the spaces they frequent most. Today, it’s no secret that space is mobile. Sign up for a free 30 day trial here>> 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Restaurants: How to Use SendTree

Are you looking for a fast way to tell bargain-eaters about daily specials? Need news of your new menu item to reach hungry citizens? With SendTree’s mobile messaging service you can contact customers before they make a decision about where to eat. The best part is connecting with customers is easy! Just tell them to text “JOIN” to your personal SendTree number and they will automatically begin receiving messages about your restaurant.  

Your key audiences:

Food hobbyists, the regulars you know-by-name, and new patrons are just a few of the clientele you should be sharing your SendTree number with. Here are just a few suggestions to consider when gathering contacts for your messaging list:
  • Rise-n-diners  
  • Lunch patrons
  • Dinner patrons
  • Preferred customers
  • Special diet clientele

Help them to sign up: 

Your customers are the life blood of your establishment. Don’t let daily deals and news slip past your loyal patrons! Follow this list of suggestions to encourage customers to sign up: 
  • Create an incentive for signing up. Let them get a free drink, percentage off a meal or scoop of ice cream for joining your SendTree list.
  • Make it easy for patrons to opt in for the messages that are most relevant to them by allowing them to choose lists for lunch, dinner, special diet, preferred customer, etc.
  • Promote your SendTree program by listing your SendTree list phone number(s) on menus, table tents and signage. Use QR codes to link the person directly to the SendTree signup page.
  • Create SendTree lists for users who don’t want to receive messages daily. Those could be special offers, new menu announcements or special events announcements.

TIP: Give away a daily special lunch each week as encouragement to get your customers to sign up for your news.

Keep customers in the loop!

When it comes down to it, we all simply want to be heard — especially when the message is relevant. By joining SendTree you can be sure that your members are receiving important messages immediately. Read more about tips for reaching your audience in our SendTree 101 guide here>>  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Posting Messages to Facebook and Twitter

Did you know that with SendTree you can automatically post messages to your Facebook and Twitter pages? Follow these steps to start sharing messages on your social media pages.

*You must first complete the one-time configuration process before you can begin sharing on Facebook and TwitterConfiguration steps can be found here.  

Sharing on Facebook and Twitter 

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Open a message by clicking the blue "Send a Message" button in the top right hand corner of the page. 
  3. Click "post" - Once you’ve got your next mobile message typed up in the message box, all you have to do is select the boxes beside the Twitter and Facebook options. This ensures your message will reach friends and followers alike. 
  4. Click “Send Message” and your message will automatically be forwarded to your SendTree recipients, Facebook, and Twitter.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Steps for Configuration: Connecting to Facebook and Twitter

Looking for a convenient way to reach more people with your next mobile message? With SendTree you can automatically post a message to your Facebook and Twitter. Just follow these steps to complete this one-time configuration process and start posting on your Facebook and Twitter today! 

Connecting Your Facebook and Twitter Page

  • Sign in to your account at
  • Select the “My Account” button and then the "My Organization" tab.
  • Configure – Now you’ll need to take a moment to connect your Facebook and Twitter pages to your SendTree Account.   


To connect your SendTree and Facebook begin by clicking the "My Account" button after you've logged into SendTree. Then navigate to the "My Organization" tab. 

Once on the  "My Organization" page you’ll see a blue button that says “Let SendTree Post to Facebook…" Click that button

Log in like you normally would to Facebook.

Step 1: The set up process begins with Facebook informing you that SendTree will receive your public profile and friends list. This is a formality and ensures you are aware SendTree is attempting to connect to your Facebook. Simply select “Okay” for this part. 
Step 1: Select "Okay"

Step 2: Next, SendTree will ask for your permission to post publicly on your Facebook. Select “Okay” if you’d like your posts to be public OR if you’d like to customize who will view your posts, you can manage this list by clicking the drop-down tab that reads “Public”. 

Several group options should appear and you can customize who will see your messages that way. Once you’ve decided which groups will receive your messages click “Okay”. 
Step 2: Select "Okay" or customize your lists and then select "Okay"

Step 3: Facebook will then notify you that SendTree will now be a member of your Facebook Pages. This step establishes your SendTree account is now connected to Facebook. To finish this process select, “Okay”.
Step 3: Select "Okay" one more time.
Step 4: To complete this process you'll need to save these settings on your SendTree account. Again, you'll need to navigate to the "My Organization" page under "My Account". Select the circle beside your Facebook account and click "Save".  
Highlight the circle beside your Facebook and click "Save" 


To connect your SendTree and Twitter begin by clicking the "My Account" button after you've logged into SendTree. Then navigate to the "My Organization" tab. 

Once on the  "My Organization" page you’ll see a blue button that says “Let SendTree Post to Twitter…" Click that button

You will be redirected to Twitter's set up page. Enter your Twitter username and password and select “Authorize App”.
Log into Twitter and select "Authorize app"

Modifying Your Connections 

If you ever need to edit who can view your Facebook or Twitter posts select the “My Account” tab and then “My Organization”. Just click the “change…” button beside either Facebook or Twitter to modify your lists. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sports Teams: How to Use SendTree

SendTree can make staying connected with your team so much easier! Just log on to your SendTree list and in a matter of seconds you can send an alert, reminder, or update to everyone in your group. Whether sending meeting updates or “rainy day” notices SendTree can notify your team of the change fast. So huddle up with SendTree and knock your next get-together out of the park!

Your key audiences: 

Your team’s supporters, volunteers, and especially the players themselves will want to be included in your messaging list. Here are just a few suggestions to consider when gathering contacts for your messaging list:

  • Team players
  • Parents/caretakers  
  • Volunteers
  • Supporters

Help them to sign up:

Your team runs like a well-oiled machine. To help keep things that way you’ll want to get your teammates to join your messaging list ASAP. Check out a few of our suggestions to start spreading the word about staying connected with SendTree!

  • Introduce the SendTree program to parents and explain how the team plans to use it, and then prompt them to opt in at that time. 

  • Let players know they can get the latest updates such as logistical changes and weather notices via text messages and post the opt-in number in easy-to-find places.
  • Tell Coaches to include the SendTree list phone number in any parent or player communications so they know how they will be alerted of any practice or game reminders or alerts. Emphasize how much easier this is than the typical phone tree.
For example, you wouldn't want your team 

to miss a message like this: 

When it comes down to it, we all simply want to be heard — especially when the message is relevant. By joining SendTree you can be sure that your members are receiving important messages immediately. Click here to create your account and start your free 30 day trial today!